Friday, January 16, 2009

Update Time

In case you're wondering:

- My mom is back safely from Cleveland. She had a wonderful time -- except for the very cold, cold.

- Our World Traveler is safely back at school. He, too, is likely undergoing a climate readjustment. You should see the silk scarf and the Fes porcelain he brought me. Beautiful and beautiful.

- If you have my email address because I have your email address, it's very likely I no longer have your email address. Most of the address book was lost in the recent and unfortunate iMac crash and burn, despite the back up hard drive. So. If you want me to have your email address again, I'll need you to send it to me, using whichever of my email addresses you have, otherwise I can't tell you anything I need/want to tell you. (You are following this, right?)

- Five months or so and counting for the release date of The First Boy I Loved and The Marine. Hopefully, I'll see the covers ere long -- which I'll post here and on my website the moment I get my hands on them. And hopefully, both sets of galleys aren't going to show up at the same time with a three-day turnaround. "I" think these two books are some of my better efforts, ergo the anxiety regarding their release is beginning to rise...

That's all for the moment, I think. I'm planning on going to see my granddaughter do the cheerleading thing tomorrow. I know I'm going to love this -- 5-year-old cheerleaders are so adorable.

All of you take care...

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