Saturday, September 19, 2009

Even MORE 1940s Movie Stars

I've been revisiting my late sister-in-law's collection of movie star photos, and something struck me as interesting about these particular ones.

Look closely. Can you can see it?

No? Well, here it is. They all seem to have essentially the same mouth, which I doubt was actually the case. There must have be a studio-approved set of "Hollywood lips" make-up artists did their best to paint on everybody.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Important Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday. (Isn't she beautiful?)


Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday Greetings and Me

I'm having a birthday in a little less than two weeks, and yesterday I got five birthday greetings. FIVE. Three cards, one email, and one very gorgeous purple quilted tote with a matching clutch.

The tote and clutch were an early birthday gift from my sister. Two of the cards were from my cousin and my aunt, respectively. The other card was from Verizon, America's Largest and Most Reliable Wireless Network.

Now I'm not surprised that my sister, my cousin, and my aunt know that my birthday is coming around -- but Verizon Wireless? We've never even met. I understand the concept of "junk mail," but not "junk mail Birthday Greetings." It was nice of them, I guess. I don't plan on becoming a customer, but still.

And the email? That Birthday Greeting was from Medicare. Now how scary is that?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Photography and Me

As I think I've mentioned before, sometimes I end up with digital photographs in the trusty red Kodak's memory card that are a total mystery to me. Or, to put it another way, I seem to be able to raise bad photography to a whole new level. In fact, Kodak would probably prefer that I not tell you I used their technology to create this kind of damage.

Here. Let me show you the latest:

This is a photograph of...some swirly things. I'm sure these were not in the view finder when I took the picture, but I have no idea what was.

And here we have some multicolored dots:

And some more multicolored dots:

(These remind me of those picture puzzles where, if you squinted long enough, you could see words, or bunnies, or something. Or so I'm told. I never could see anything but the dots themselves because of my mostly unilateral vision.)

Which brings us to the two photographs that actually came out as intended:

The almost last of the tomatoes:

And absolutely the very last rose of summer:

And that's all I have to show you this time...