Wednesday, October 16, 2019

(The) WRITING LIFE—Postcards from the Tiny Porch

Here I am on the Tiny Porch. Carl was here, but he bailed. It’s 55F, which is too chilly for naked paws. There’s a drizzling rain. I can hear the raindrops hitting the maple leaves. I’ve had my Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea (much better than Twining’s. More aromatic.) And I had a small pack of Lance’s PB crackers. I’ve done my “morning pages.” I thought I’d try doing those again. I’ve tried in the past and found them pure torture. BUT, I know very well that you have to give to get. Not quite sure what the “get” will be, but still. This is day 4. It does seem to be getting easier to ramble about nothing—not that I don’t do that all the time here anyway. “Morning pages” are supposed to be a form of meditation, which is not what I’ve come to think mediation is, but onward and upward—I’m being chastised mightily by an irate squirrel.

I forgot to say that when I was in Big Lots I saw this little plaque on a stand on the clearance shelf. It said, “Hi, There.” I thought at the time what a good prop for a booksigning table. I, of course, don’t do booksignings anymore, but I still think it would be a good prop.

Now I hear sirens in the distance. More than one. I say Aaron’s Prayer for them. The rain is still hitting the maple leaves. The squirrel has gone silent.

Monday, October 14, 2019

WRITING (About) LIFE—Adventuring At Big Lots.

Yes, I went to Big Lots again. (I know. Cheryl Jean, don’t you ever go anywhere else?) (No, not really.) So today’s adventure, I pondered a shelf of ginger salt and wondered what I could use it in/on and did I want to. (No.) Then, I wondered how much trouble I could get into with a bag of organic dried figs. (I think, a lot.) Then, I selected a set of paring knives. (It says “Very Sharp” on the packaging. I have since learned this is true because I’ve already cut my thumb on one of them.) Then, I commiserated with a lady who was aggravated that Big Lots had changed everything around and she couldn’t find what she wanted without walking all over the store. Walking all over the store is good if you’re working on your blood sugar, otherwise, it’s, well, aggravating. Then, the check-out girl asked me if I’d be interested in working there because they were hiring. I said I didn’t know how to do anything helpful and besides that, I’m mean. All in all, I would rate this a medium adventure—since I didn’t get accosted by a grifter.

Moving right along, I’m now going to tell you What I Saw last week. I saw a man I thought might be homeless walking down the sidewalk. He was carrying a library book. This is one of many reasons why I love libraries.