Saturday, May 18, 2013

Writing (About) Life: Roses Rooted From Mamaw Rose's Roses and The "Butchie" Memorial Dog House.

Roses In The Rain
All of these were rooted from Mamaw Rose's (DH's late Mom's) antique rose bushes. 
They are apparently very hardy because they look like this with no help from the likes of me.

In the background in this photo, is The "Butchie" Memorial Dog House.  I'm not allowed to get rid of it--which I don't mind. He was a sweet old dog--if somewhat goofy, and even though he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge decades ago, I still expect to see him out here--digging holes. He always worked very hard to get his front yard looking like a moonscape. He would bark "up" at snow and "down" only at trucks. Maybe I should call this corner of the yard The "Butchie" Memorial Rose Garden.


Liz Flaherty said...

The roses are beautiful, and maybe Carl will take up residence in Butchie's house!

Cheryl said...

LOL! Maybe so.