Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What the Writer Saw...

(And this was a double-take.)

I saw a...

Man. A portly man. With a white beard and white hair. Wearing khaki cargo shorts, a sweater, and off-white, wool-looking knee socks with very sturdy shoes.  And a tam o'shanter. (A what?) One of these:

He was sitting on a bench. In Walmart. Reading. What may have been an eBook reader.  (I really was trying not to stare. Or bring out my cell phone and try to learn to take pictures with it then and there.)

So who do you think he could be, this man who seemed to be more in costume than is de rigueur even for the Walmart Superstore?

 Could it be Santa MacClaus, checking his list for who's been naughty and who's been nice?

Who else would sit in Walmart foot traffic, trying to read and looking like the Kris Kringle fresh from the Royal Troon links? 

Whatever the answer, it made my shopping trip. Haven't had one that interesting--especially in Walmart--in a LONG time.

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