Sunday, May 2, 2010

Want To See This Year's Irises?

The trusty iMac is on its last legs and crashing constantly -- or freezing, as it were, something unusual for Macs in my experience except when they're circling the drain. It's got a reasonably new hard drive and its OS has been wiped and re-done, upgraded, etc., etc. But it still freezes, which is supposedly better than the dreaded and very scary "Curtain of Doom." I'm not sure why. Either way, the thing don't work.

Anyway, under the threat of the iMac's impending demise and being off-line until I can afford another one, I thought I'd take you for a quick walk to see the currently blooming irises. I wanted to get a photograph of the black ones, but they're not open yet.

Here are the ones that are open:

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