Monday, May 24, 2010


My baby graduated on Saturday. I would show you some pictures but I managed not to get any. At all. And not from lack of trying, I assure you. I should get paid to test these "idiot proof" digital cameras because I am clearly cursed with the inability to get any photos or videos whatsoever with those things. (sigh)

So let me tell you about it. The thirty-minute drive to the events arena where it was held was beautiful. We took the scenic route -- very lush countryside because of the recent rain. I saw a large hawk along the way and a dead copperhead or two in the middle of the road. We traveled thorough open farm country, and the corn in Stanley and Cabarrus counties is looking good.

The arena sound system was a challenge. There was enough of an echo so that most every word said at the microphone was completely unintelligible. It was like going to a graduation in a foreign country and not speaking the language. There were around 700 graduates, so this made for a LONG ceremony. I couldn't understand my son's name when it was called, but I could recognize him. Hard to miss him -- he's close to six and a half feet tall. I bawled, of course, and I bawled when they played the national anthem. I just can't get through that song without crying. Too many veterans in the family, I guess.

Anyway. He's finished with school. I'm proud and happy. Now. Does anybody want to hire a new IT grad with years of experience? Please?

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