Sunday, May 17, 2009

This and That

It doesn't take much to make me happy. Here's something that does:

Cherries. And the good news is that the sweet cherry crop at the Levering Orchard just across the Virginia border is estimated to be ready May 30. If you love cherries like I do and you live in the vicinity, check out their website for the particulars -- like calling before you make the trip and bringing boxes and/or bags. We've been buying cherries there for years and they are excellent.

Other things:

-Thanks to Aoife, who posted on this blog a few days ago, I've found some better undershirts for the grandson in the brace. Jockey brand, that would be. It took some doing to find them here. They were finally located at a Belk's department store. They didn't have the sleeveless ones, but I have a pair of pinking shears, and I'm not afraid to use them.

-The "blackberry winter" has had a resurgence. Yesterday was quite comfortable; today it's windy and rainy and there may be frosts in the mountains tonight (hopefully not where the cherries are.)

-The heirloom irises (Mamaw Rose's irises) have peaked and are on the wane. The bluebirds have disappeared. I think the dh running the wood chipper for three days straight twenty feet away could be the reason. For the disappeared bluebirds, not the irises.

-My mom has been a little under the weather with a cold/allergy kind of thing. She was feeling better yesterday, though.

-Our World Traveler is planning to travel again soon, returning to the same country he was in for six months or so last year and one he has truly come to love. It wouldn't surprise me if he chose to live there after he graduates. In any event, you are all invited to help me (and his mom and our mom) to worry until he gets back. (What can I say? We worry if we don't have something to worry about -- or so we are told.)

-I spent a good portion of yesterday at a soccer game and then working on secret birthday plans with the granddaughter. Her mom's birthday is the 22nd, and she really, really wanted to find the birthday card and something special to wrap up. The card took some doing. I read the sentiments in every card the store had to her. She wasn't the least bit interested in the "kid" versions. She picked a really grown up, "Happy Birthday, Mother" one, with gilding and roses and a fountain pen on the front. It apparently said just what she wanted to say. And we went to the T-shirt outlet store (where I am now well-known because of the undershirt-for-the-brace quest). They have first quality T-shirts, nightshirts, etc., and a large selection of decals you can purchase and have put on the knitwear of your choice. We ended up with kittens and sunflowers on a lime green V-neck. Mommy is going to love it, and she's going to be very easy to spot in a crowd.

That's it for this time...

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Aoife said...

I hope the undershirts work for your grandson, and that he is able to enjoy his summer free of prickly heat and chafing.

The cherries look wonderful!