Monday, October 14, 2019

WRITING (About) LIFE—Adventuring At Big Lots.

Yes, I went to Big Lots again. (I know. Cheryl Jean, don’t you ever go anywhere else?) (No, not really.) So today’s adventure, I pondered a shelf of ginger salt and wondered what I could use it in/on and did I want to. (No.) Then, I wondered how much trouble I could get into with a bag of organic dried figs. (I think, a lot.) Then, I selected a set of paring knives. (It says “Very Sharp” on the packaging. I have since learned this is true because I’ve already cut my thumb on one of them.) Then, I commiserated with a lady who was aggravated that Big Lots had changed everything around and she couldn’t find what she wanted without walking all over the store. Walking all over the store is good if you’re working on your blood sugar, otherwise, it’s, well, aggravating. Then, the check-out girl asked me if I’d be interested in working there because they were hiring. I said I didn’t know how to do anything helpful and besides that, I’m mean. All in all, I would rate this a medium adventure—since I didn’t get accosted by a grifter.

Moving right along, I’m now going to tell you What I Saw last week. I saw a man I thought might be homeless walking down the sidewalk. He was carrying a library book. This is one of many reasons why I love libraries.

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