Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day, The Super Citizen (WYS is NOT WYG), and More Movie Stars

It's Flag Day, and I put the flag out this morning. It's a nice morning in that it's breezy, albeit off and on. It's hot, though. We'll be in the mid to upper 90s by afternoon.

This next photo is of my lovely granddaughter (aka, "My Ballerina") dashing up the steps to get an award for being a Good Citizen in the first grade. Or it was when I snapped it. There she was in the viewfinder; I clicked, and...nothing, except the piano and a portrait of a long ago lady educator whose name I do not know. And a stepladder. One of these days I have GOT to get the hang of this delayed shutter thing. Or I have to get a different camera. (sigh)

The dh discovered two more if his late sister's movie star photo collection. These are 8x10s and she didn't keep them with the rest of the mostly postcard-sized ones.

This particular one is personally autographed to her, but I can't read the signature. I don't recognize his face, so he's another unknown celebrity photo at our house.

The second one is of Lon McCallister. Him, I do recognize. I remember seeing him in a Technicolor movie about a farm or horses -- "Back Home in Indiana," I think. And I believe he was in "Stage Door Canteen." He died in 2005, and according to his obit, he was a very nice man. "Googling" him for "images," I didn't see this particular pose anywhere on the web.

The signature says: "Your friend, Lon McCallister."

That's it for this time...

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