Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Mystery of the Cadet Diary Continues With #5...

Sunday Feb 16 (1936)

Walked post for 15 minutes over time last night. The damn sergant (sic) of the guard must have gone to sleep and forgot to ring the steel – at any rate it wasn’t rung until 12:30.

Everything was quiet last night. Not a single light bulb or any thing went off.

Played a little more ping pong with Taylor this morning after chapel until we broke the ball.

The dough and the cadet-committee had a meeting this morning and called over all the hell raisers in this barraks (sic), one at a time and asked them about the ash can throwing. I don’t think anybody talked. Mr. Croft said that the whole barraks (sic) was going to be restricted until they answered the great mistery (sic). They’ll have to oath (?) about 30 boys if they get everybody because there were at least 2 boys to every trash can.

It was announced this morning that main barracks would be granted leave this afternoon but we’d still be restricted. Went over and talked to Bob Gill and Kologiski this afternoon till about four o’clock and then came back and read until supper. I sure hope they don’t throw anything off tonight. I want to get out of here at least once or twice before Easter.

Monday Feb – 17 (1936)

Finished inking all the visible outlines of that hard plate in drawing today.

Special order was read out in mess hall today upon the recommendation of the surgeon, the restriction is hereby lifted.” (sic) Another read “All leave privileges granted to cadets quartered in Murray barracks are canceled until further notice. (sic)I don’t think we’ll be restricted for more than one week-end though.

Got my pants pressed this afternoon.

The infantry shot off a fire cracker just a little while ago, but they didn’t have a formation as they usually do. I don’t guess they don’t want leave either. It sounded like another dynamite cap. They say that the dough is afraid that there’s some dynamite over there and somebody will be fool enough to set if off. Moss has got to walk posts tonight.

Tuesday Feb-18 (1936)

Woke up this morning and couldn’t hardly get my right eye opened. By dinner time it was as red as all get out so I went over to the hospital and Miss Malloy put some red stuff in it. She said I just had a cold in it, but after she got through it looked as if I had the pink eye.

Shumate caught Mr. Dial for having whiskey in his automobile while it was parked behind the barraks (sp). He was O.D. this morning but after he was caught he was put under arrest and Jones was O.D. I heard him talking tonight and he said if they gave him fifty demerits it would put him way over.

Made a deal with Mr. Andrews in the mess hall today. Every time we have cream puffs for dessert, he gets mine and every time we have that chocolate stuff, I get his. Went back over to the hospital this afternoon at 5:30 and I have to go back in the morning at sick call. I hope she gives me an excused recitation. I’m going to tell her I couldn’t do any reading tonight.

Friday Feb-21 (1936)

(Hell?) (Still?) “Excused recitation. (sic) Went to English class but they had a quiz, so Mickel and I came back to barracks.

In Math class Maj Myers jumped on me for talking to Bryant. He’s about the only teacher I have that wouldn’t have reported me. Had another quiz in Chem. So I returned to barracks again. Cleaned the rifle, shined my shoes real good and touched up the brasses. I kind of suspected that there would be no inspection so I didn’t put everything on and sure enough they announced there would not be an inspection but everyone was to oil their rifles and the company commanders would inspect them in the rooms at 1:15. Thorpe jumped on me for not having the butt-guard oiled properly.

Went over to the hospital after dinner and got the drops put in my eye. They are not entirely well, but are considerably better.

Its (sic) rained hard all day with an extremely cold hard wind to boot. They blew call-to-quarters at Seven (sic) o’clock and the N.C.O.I.C.O.Q. checked at 7:15. We could visit after he came by. Got in a fast and furious ping-pong game up in Mayos (sic) again. That seems to be the only thing I can find to do on the weekends while we are restricted. I wish they would hurry up and catch someone for that ash can job so we can get out of here. The time slipped up on me and taps blew at 11:PM, while I was still up in Mayo’s room. I had to come back and put the bed down and get undressed in the dark.

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