Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who Are You? (Or So The Song Goes)

It's a migraine day. I'm not sure what I did to get one. Usually I know -- some kind of over-preserved food full of sodium nitrates (nitrites?). Foods I love, of course. But this time I didn't knowingly fall off the wagon by eating a hot dog or a fried bologna sandwich with brown mustard. The "aura" is gone at the moment, the pain is moderate, the concentration is WAY down -- and just when I'd figured out what to do about the current WIP.

But, enough whining. My thoughts are...not so collected, so I thought I'd just show you a photograph today. A "tintype," to be precise. I've reached the age when I am the Memory Keeper for the family. I've been going through my late sister-in-law's belongings -- a long, drawn out task because it makes me sad to do it for any length of time. Among these things are some very old family pictures, anonymous now and therefore seriously intriguing.

He's showing off an important possession -- the watch, chain and fob -- as they sometimes did in old photographs. Or I assume there's a watch. I'm guessing from the style of the clothes that the photograph was taken in the late 19th century -- if anyone has any thoughts about the time period, I'd love to hear them.

He could be a Reavis. He could be a Hopkins or a Way or a Clendenon. He could be somebody's friend or beau and not a family member at all. I wonder why his hair is cut so short?

So that's the blog for today. Oh, I'm working on a "trailer" for the other "orphan" and hope to post that soon. (See below for Orphan Trailer #1) And later I'll show you some more things that have turned up in the Memory Keeping -- like the Cuban fan. (I love the Cuban fan.)

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