Sunday, May 2, 2010

LIttle Girl Cheryl Opines

I still get all perplexed sometimes -- the way I did when I was a little girl. Not dumfounded exactly. Just wandering and wondering "in the dark."

This morning it's regarding the apparently new trend in newspaper wedding photos. Again. I simply can NOT appreciate these bizarre poses. I'd show you, but I don't want to get sued, so I'm going to give an opinionated description instead.

Picture this:

The kohl-eyed bride with the 1000-yard stare. (What is this child thinking?) The ubiquitous strapless wedding gown. The pose.

She's leaning against a wall -- some kind of wood paneling, I think. She's there, the wall is there, but something is off, wrong, inconsistent. What is the world that? Oh, I see. It's her arm. It's been forced behind her head in a way that makes a former medical person like myself immediately think "Yikes." (I'm assuming that it's not up there all the time.) The fact that it takes so long even to realize what it is should suggest the awkwardness of the position.

So the bride's arm is up behind her head -- which would ordinarily give anyone looking at the photograph a wide-open view of her armpit. Not to worry, though. In the armpit has been carefully placed a big bunch of roses. No, she's not sprawled on the front seat of an automobile or on a dirty stone floor with dead leave strewn all over her wedding gown as other brides have been. Yes, I know it's her (their) prerogative. It's her (their) money. Still, it does resurrect the question posed earlier.

What is this child thinking?

Till next time...

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