Friday, April 23, 2010

"B-Rats and Squeals..."

So what have I been doing on this beautiful day? Well, vacuuming for one thing. And laundry, for another. I'm washing the sheets and pillowcases in actual soap these days -- Ivory bar soap, grated on a cheese grater and agitated in very hot water until it melts. Clothes -- especially sheets -- washed in Ivory soap and hung outside on the line to dry -- absolute HEAVEN. Well worth the extra effort. I used Ivory to kill the aphids on my rose bushes, too. So far, so good with that. Ivory is a very versatile product.

I had lunch at the small cafe my dad used to take me to when I was a little girl -- I think I've said how much I love this place, the food, the people, the memories. I can look out the window and see where the old movie theater used to be, i.e., the place where Roy Rogers lived--or so I thought when I was four. I encountered a former semi-coworker on my way out (I was "health department," she was "social services"). I hardly ever eat there without seeing someone from my past. She'd just come from the library -- early voting in the May primary -- which was exactly where I was heading after lunch.

At the library, I encountered yet another former coworker. She was manning the polls. It had been a very long time since I'd see her, and we naturally hugged the stuffing out of each other. Another voter claimed to be feeling very left out -- he didn't get near the greeting I did. I was surprised by the voter turn out -- quite a few for early voting, especially in a primary election.

Then, I got a present from the dh -- cowboy postage stamps -- which included the one and only aforementioned Mr. Rogers, all young and handsome, just the way he was when I adored him.

Then, I got another present. This one, from JC Penney. Of course, it's one I gave myself, but still. An UPS package with my name on it is exciting no matter who sent it.

Then, I thought I'd bask on the patio for a time -- just because life is short and I wanted to. Which brings us to the rabbits and squirrels -- or "B-rats and Squeals" as one of the children in the family used to call them. There is a squirrel on a limb in the upper right, one eating down on the ground in the lower left, one in the crepe myrtle in the middle. And my "lolling" rabbit is there -- lolling -- between the maple tree and the birdbath. It was all very...Walt Disney.

Oh, and there was a bluebird on the swing. A perfect way to underline a very good day.

Till next time...

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