Thursday, May 20, 2010

1940s Movie Stars (Of The "Hubba-Hubba" Kind")

I've been in the movie star photo collection again. I thought I'd show you these. Notice that all four of these pinups suggest real women who are beautiful -- as opposed to nipped and tucked plastic "Barbie" doll clones who don't look real at all and who all look alike. I notice the clone thing seems to have taken over country music as well.


This is Esther Williams, the star who swam a lot in all her movies:

This is Evelyn Keys of Gone With The Wind fame. She played one of "Scarlett's" sisters:

This is Jinx Somebody. It doesn't say and I don't recognize her:

And this is the beautiful but sad Rita Hayworth caught up in some kind of fabric:

And that's it for this time...

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