Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh, February

Somebody tell me spring is coming. P L E A S E.

Look at this picture. Could it be any more February? No sunshine. No leaves. No flowers. Just cold, cold rain. Or fog. Or snow. (I've been living in my Land's End red suede bad weather shoes for weeks. Ordinarily I don't mind rainy gloom -- it's actually good "writing weather," but alas, I have apparently reached my saturation point.

So. What's good about February? There must be something.

Well, let's see. It's Number One Granddaughter's Birthday Month. (She just turned seven.) You know how special that is.

It's also Writer Friend Linda's birthday month. And Nursing School Friend, D.B.'s. And High School Friend Harriet's. I love them. They've all been an important part of my life -- February Gifts, as it were.

It was my maternal grandmother's birthday month, as well. She was Christmas personified when I was a little girl (she started the prep work right after Thanksgiving), and I adored her.

And there's the February Worldwide Excuse To Eat Chocolate (aka Valentine's Day).

Oh, and The Bride Fair (and its Super Librarian Love, American Style Digital Bundle) became available at amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony Ebooks, Fictionwise, Books On Board, Mobibooks, eHarlequin, etc., for downloading to assorted ebook readers and in some places, directly to your PC. (amazon says the software for downloading to a Mac will be available "soon.") I'm really happy about The Bride Fair. All writers have "favorites" among their published works, and this book is one of mine. If you haven't read it, I want you to. Really bad. If you have read it, I want you to read it again. (It's how I am. One of my main raison d'etres for writing at all is the desire to be read.)

Okay, what else?

I got a refund check from Walmart Pharmacy last week because they over charged me for my prescriptions. My fault, they more or less said, for not keeping them apprised. I offer everybody but the Walmart Greeter my assorted medical insurance cards. I, without fail, offer them to the pharmacy people EVERY SINGLE TIME. If there's a way to keep them more "apprised," I don't know what that would be short of wearing one of those "Eat at Joe's" kinds of body signs when I go to get a prescription filled. Still, money is money-- every penny counts -- and I did get some back. That was definitely a good February thing.

And what am I learning from this post? Well, I guess it's that February isn't really crappy. It only looks crappy.

Till next time...

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