Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday Night Lights

Yes. Well. It was that kind of game. ::sigh::

I did get to see Grandson #1 play, and that's about the best I can say of the experience. I am learning, though. About football. Not about taking photos with a digital camera. (I really should go to some kind of digital picture-taking class.)

So what am I learning? I'm learning that JV football is not the sport of gentlemen. Hickory Ridge High School, the opposing team in this instance, rode to victory in a hale of personal penalty fouls and one for unsportsmanlike conduct. I was not happy with this, but the dh assures me that the point is to win, not to "play nice." I see.

I'm learning that old loyalties run deep. The dh wanted to sit on the Hickory Ridge side because the visitor side was far, far away. Good heavens, no. This old Mustang could not do that. (The dh was a Boyden "Yellow Jacket," so he wasn't seeing the problem here.) I had to sit with my own kind, even if it was a hike and a half to get to the visiting team bleachers and even if I was a Mustang WAY back in the day.

And, I learned that when one's team is seriously losing, minutes turn into dog minutes. It was agony, I tell you. Or maybe it was the Old Mustang Hip Joints On Metal Stadium Seating. (Ow) Suffice it to say it was a...long...evening...

That's it for this time.

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