Monday, April 6, 2009

Taking Notes -- Badly (More Memory Keeping)

I found a legal pad like this one -- except the one I found "has some age on it" as we like to say in the South. In it are several pages of notes written in pencil. They're in my handwriting so I know I took them, likely in an interview situation.

My memory of doing this is very vague, however. Well, all right, I don't really remember it at all. Nevertheless, here we go:

The heading is "Remembrances MGF"

1. Bale of cotton in front of every store in Salisbury (Now, I would ask "why." Then, it apparently didn't occur to me.)

2. Christmas
8 -- 2 Boxes stick candy 3 boxes horehound candy (2-25¢) 4¢ cap pistol 1¢ caps

Russell's store
No oranges

Clothes mother made
Jeans cloth--pants--hand
Mother's machine
came to knee

Cards -- spin own yarn
Knitted all socks, wool clothes, dyed ring (?)

Farm Rothrock -- mill pond -- killed timber -- pond sourced (?) -- chills
quinine capsules -- above 104 degrees (fever?)
Dr. Choate
Dr. Chalmer

Jacob Fisher --
"Rubbing" doctor --
pains, bowels move (That's what I wrote so somebody must have said it.)
Hands like a woman
six foot
--clean shaven

Uncle "used" for bleeding (This means he could stop blood flow with a verse from the Bible.)
-- Peter Wagner --

Grandmother -- Juliann Plyler Wagner
"Liver growed"
Kid squall for life
Horse collar off (horse?) Hot collar
pass child through
said some things
rub under ribs
People came to get her (I assume this meant when they needed help with an inconsolable child and not when they had tarring and feathering in mind.)

"Granny Woman" Liz Palmer
4 miles Whitley -- never delivered no babies
50¢? Cooked breakfast
Jack Palmer made baskets

Fort Jackson -- 2 P?
Slept in street
13th Depot Brigade

9AM before --
shots, vaccines, uniforms
Greenville/Gun Springfield Enfield

Long Island New York
Camp Upton

Boat to Camp
No Holland Tunnel -- Sabotage

Infantry 321 81 Division Company D
Trenches Volga Mountains
Machine Gun

Armistice 13 days --
11 months
90 days

-- Lewis Lyerly --
Maggots (This I do know about. He was wounded on the battlefield, medics couldn't get to him, his wound became infested with maggots -- which saved his life.)

Southern Division
42 Rainbow
1st Btn 6-8-10 boys
muster out

Feed you?
Box White
Bunked together
Rowed on river

(During the) Depression:
Worked 3 days/short week
Velna stayed
Lived at store

No place sacred

Railroad -- creek
road Rt --
Up hill
Old German tombstones
("Here Lies My Man") ?

Henry Davis Plyler -- Civil War
barn -- pick up corn, grain fed to horses to eat
counted in German
made horse collars
Doff (Dolph?) Lentz

Juliann (?)
Matton's Grove Methodist Church -- Below Gold Hill

--Davis Plyler's son
--moved down there -- couple months -- 1914-1915

Work in mines --
--Woodard Mine
--Tennessee Mine (boilers)
--Gallon 20¢ beer
--5¢ qt. pitcher

Cotton Mill -- 11 or 12 years old
babies put in boxes while mothers worked
went home to nurse baby
10 hour shifts
Hardest job -- spinning
Swept -- oil/band/twisters
75¢ a day
$9.00 a payday
didn't get to keep any of the money

cut wood
Ern (Ernest), Murray, Norman, Rob (Robert), Erv (Erving), Loran ("Lorn"), Emma (moved to Michigan), Laila ("Lail")

Julianne Plyler
Petersburg -- Camp Lee
Gun lock

Ship: Walmer Castle
Sea Sickness advice. Old sailor 50 years old: Don't look at anything for very long. Keep your eyes moving.


That's it. And the moral here? Transcribe your notes while they're still "warm," because 30 years or so later, you won't remember.

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