Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. If there's no one standing in the wings with candy and flowers, may I suggest being your own Best Valentine? Take yourself out to dinner, or buy yourself a new lipstick or rent yourself a chick flick, pop some popcorn (What can I say? I like popcorn better than I like chocolate), hit the Hershey's-slash-Dove aisle -- do something that brings you bliss -- with friends or all by yourself. Have a nice day just for you. Or, better yet, take a kid out for ice cream -- kids love being someone's Valentine. Enjoy. Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers.

The local Chic-fil-A is going all romantic today from 5-8 PM -- tablecloths, maitre d' and everything. I understand they'll even bring my Kid's Meal to me. Now this is my kind of event. I just love whimsy.

Till next time...

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