Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!

It's the granddaughter's Big 0-6 Birthday today. How in the world can she be SIX already? She was just a baby the other day. Experience tells me that in no time at all she's not going to want to play "Big Cinderella and Little Cinderella" anymore. She has quite an imagination -- don't know where she gets THAT.

We two Cinderellas have had some exciting adventures. Imagine my surprise one day when we were pretend floating in our pretend boat (read: couch) down the pretend river in our beautiful pretend pink and blue satin dresses, not to mention our pretend crowns and jewels -- on our way to a dance at the castle so we could meet the Handsome Prince -- when she suddenly announced that we had to deal with a bunch of Vikings. (I'm not sure if they were Norsemen or football players.) Either way, the Vikings were no match for us (Girl Power!) and we arrived at the castle still gorgeous with hardly a hair out of place. We met the Handsome Prince and broke his heart when the clock struck midnight and we had to dash away. (He's still not over it.) That's the good thing about pretend satin princess dresses -- you can dash all you want.

I asked her last month what she'd like for her birthday. "Pink," she said. She doesn't care what it is. It just needs to be pink. (If only the boys were that easy.)

So. Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! Big Cinderella loves you.


Cheryl St.John said...

Happy Birthday to Little Cinderella!

I have a live-in air bender. LOL

Cheryl said...

I'll tell her, Cheryl. She'll be thrilled that a "Happy Birthday" came in over the internet.

So far we haven't discovered the "air" thing, though we have been known to do a two-woman "Dance Recital" in sock feet. (Mom doesn't allow tapping on her hardwood floors.) If that thing ever shows up on You-Tube, I'll have to leave the planet. (My last dance class was when I was seven and a headband with antennae is not my best look.)