Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Several years ago I received an email regarding a reader's website in Japan. She had enjoyed the Japanese translations of some my Silhouette Special Editions, and she wanted me to see several manga-like sketches of some of the characters she had posted. I thought they were wonderful.

I came across them again the other day. I know her only as "kcjun," and I hope she won't mind if show them to you here:

This is "Adam" and his little brother from A Crime of the Heart:

And this is "Ben" and "Eden" from Tenderly:

This is "Rita" and "Mac" from The Long Way Home, I think when he smacked her on the head with a pencil for not paying attention to his math tutoring:

And this (I think) is me:

ありがとう (Thank you), "kcjun"

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