Monday, April 30, 2018

WRITING (About) LIFE---The Legacy Garden

Come let me show you the iris patch. It was so cold this past winter, I was afraid they wouldn't bloom:

The first three irises came from my late mother-in-law's iris bed. She loved these flowers, and her backyard was completely turned over to growing them. She had such an array that people used to drive by her house to see them, back when as many people as could fit into the family car went for a ride on Sunday afternoons--parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors. And of course the children. I loved doing this as a child even though I was always stuck in the middle and didn't get to see much of anything. It was still an adventure and other people's flower gardens were high on the list of things to go and see.

And this is a patch of volunteer white violets that is bravely coming up through a crack in the patio. The original plants are from my late mother-in-law's garden as well. They will take over everything if you let them. I like them growing pot-less on the patio, though. 

This one, the "black iris," isn't a legacy flower. I bought it at a flea market a few years ago. It doesn't bloom every year, but as you can see, this is the year.

Pretty, aren't they?

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