Thursday, July 24, 2014

(The) Writing Life--or "Ink Pink, You Stink."

I have a "zig-zaggy" kind of thought process so first let me say that the Large Print, "sweet" version of this book is coming out in November. It is probably my favorite of the series. I did have a reader chastise me once because she didn't see the point of the title. I don't know why she didn't. The music box and the song it played ("Tenderly") is the only somewhat positive link the heroine had to her difficult and indifferent mother. Made sense to me, and it's my book. Other than that, I have no defense for it.

Remembering this title issue naturally made me think of long ago days on the playground, and the jibes from fellow elementary schoolmates one was apt to encounter if it happened to be your turn. Like "Ink pink, you stink!" (Love that one, and no, I didn't really stink.) As far as I can tell, such often mystifying trash talk was all part of the school experience then and probably still is are despite the policies regarding such things.

But then, you grow up and all those delightful observations periodically cast in your direction more or less disappear--unless of course, you write a book. In which case, it's good you've already been toughened up, don't you think? 

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