Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bulletin From The Antique Pickers

You may remember when I told you about the DH and our antiques restorer neighbor being at Cline's Antiques on Hwy. 49 the same time as members of a film crew buying props for a new movie about to be filmed somewhere in the state. Which was quite enough information for him and not NEARLY enough for me.

So he has returned from his latest trip to Cline's with this intelligence: The name of the movie starts with the letter "A".

This is good to know, I guess. Not particularly helpful, but still.

If any of you happen to hear about a movie being made here with a title that begins with an "A," do let me know. Or maybe not. The only other tidbit the DH had to report was that they plan to burn all the props they bought in a big pile--with a baby crib in the middle of it. Doesn't really sound like my kind of movie.

Til next time...

UPDATE: I think I've found out the name of the movie. It's ARTEMIS.

(It does start with the letter "A," doesn't it? Now to find out what it's about...

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