Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Violet!

How do you like it? For me personally, there is nothing more uplifting than the first hint-of-spring flowers -- which is why I always prefer a mixed spring bouquet to roses. My granddaughter earnestly believes that my most favorite flower of all is the dandelion -- which in many respects is true. The plant is edible and full of Vitamins A and C. The seeds are very entertaining. So are the blossoms -- you can make wine out of the blossoms. And, I have yet to encounter a child in the family who, given the opportunity, didn't pick one and present it to me as if it were a jewel-encrusted message from the king. (That last thing is my main reason for loving dandelions.) Over the years, I've had tiny vases and ceramic thimbles full of dandelions in various stages of turning to dust (one can't throw them away without causing alarm) on the kitchen window sill, right where I can see them when I do the dishes. In my experience, the dandelion can be a vivid reminder of the giver and the sunny day when it was picked.

I have two jonquils blooming, too -- "buttercups," we call them here. These jonquils aren't given to blooming, so "two" is a bumper crop. Not much from the forsythia as yet, but I remain hopeful. We could still get another snow event, of course -- I may have mentioned that one year it snowed when the azaleas were blooming -- but things are definitely looking up.

Here is one of the two jonquils. Nice, huh?

Here's hoping there are signs of spring where you are...

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