Thursday, July 9, 2009


I don't often recommend specific books, but I want to tell you that I loved this one. It's what I like to write and what I like to read -- character-driven gravitas with humor, set against an important historical (in this case, the early 1960s) backdrop.

Kathryn Stockett is a stellar writer. Did I say I loved this book?


Cheryl Carey Bass said...

I loved this book, too, Cheryl. Great name you have, BTW! I loved the characterization and how Socket made me better understand the socio-political climate of the day.

Cheryl said...

I like your name, too, Cheryl. There are more "Cheryls" now than when I was growing up. Back in the day, the only other Cheryl I'd even heard of was Roy Rogers daughter. I was never in school with another Cheryl and I never worked with one. Which made it kind of hard to get away with anything. :) Re: THE HELP, characterization is everything, isn't it? The female characters made this book live.